welcome to lily's room


I can't believe it's taken me 9 months to get around to doing this but TA-DAH.. Lily's room!

As we didn't know whether we were expecting a boy or girl, the hubby and I decided to keep the palette pretty neutral. We are both of the same thinking that 'less is more' and didn't want the room to look over-crowded or busy. The result is super simple palette of birch wood, cream and grey shades with pops of colour from the mobile, books and toys. The textures are quite natural and minimal alike.

IKEA is great when it comes to affordable baby furniture options. We got the GULLIVER crib and change table as well as the POANG chairHEKTAR lamp and ALHEDE rug. Knowing that as she grows, the room will change made us think to invest on the more affordable side, when it came to the baby splurge scale.

Av handmade the baby mobile using an origami kit and wooden circle frame from Michael's arts and crafts. Toy basket is from Home Sense and cute bunny pillow a gift from family in Israel. The crib bumper (we only installed this when Lily was 6 months+) is from Pottery Barn Kids

Would love to hear what you think! Obviously this room will grow with Lily does and will probably been getting a whole lot more pink & Frozen themed by the time she's 6 ;).

xx Sharday

hello. is it me you're looking for?

Ever since I laid eyes on those stunning Celine flatform espadrilles, I couldn't get them off my mind. Hey, I love the odd splurge but I didn't want to spend $1k+ on them. So I searched and searched and searched and found some substitute beauties.

Above are from Pull & Bear but Vince also have some mid-priced options.

You're welcome.

and off we go

Off on a big trip tomorrow.. pack, pack, packing time! Follow along on snapchat under 'shardayo' and 'engelocious' (the hubby). xx

L to R and Top to Bottom
Proenza Schouler PS11 bag  /  The Fifth label tee  /  Lack of Color hat
Passports duh!  /  Cluse watch  /  The Peach Box bracelets  /  Aesop products  /  Charlotte Tilbury face cream  /  Balenciaga parfum  /  NARS bronzer  /  Elise eye mask
Kit and Ace scarf  /  Celine sunglasses  /  Zara jeans  /  Nike Roshe runs


Elise Camelia pajamas in Black Oynx  

Classic navy silk pajamas with white piping are an item that have been on my wish list for some time. Nothing reads more chic between the sheets than 100% silk pajamas. So when I came across Elise, I pretty much lost my sh*t. Elise is a blogger, fellow B.C., Canada resident and all around lovely lady. I'm proud to both wear & support her label so please check it out. Night night.

the not so mumsy uniform

Top to bottom: Celine shades / Zara coat / Wilfred Free denim jacket / Stylenanda tee / Citizens of Humanity jeans / Axel Arigato sneakers / 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder satchel / Cluse watch  /  Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller with Black Chevron shade

Top to bottom: Celine shades / Zara coat / Wilfred Free denim jacket / Stylenanda tee / Citizens of Humanity jeans / Axel Arigato sneakers / 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder satchel / Cluse watch  /  Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller with Black Chevron shade

I've pretty much perfected my version of the 'Mum uniform', which I wear in some kind of variation each day. Let me break it down for you:

  1. Mid or high rise black stretchy jeans: I'm starting with these first as it should be your first big post-pregnancy purchase. Learn from my mistake and buy a size smaller! Black stretchy jeans are perfect for taking you from day to night. Mid or high-rise so you don't get an unfortunate show of assets when picking up the bub. These are the Rockets in Axel from Citizens of Humanity
  2. Cross body bag: Being handsfree is a must with the little one. This cross body satchel from 3.1 Phillip Lim does the trick. Small enough that it doesn't weigh down your shoulder but big enough to fit the essentials.
  3. Fancy kicks: I walk everywhere so in my mind it's worth investing in some nice sneakers. These Axel Arigato's are pretty spesh. I've also got my eyes on some new Nike Roshe Flyknits
  4. Open front jacket with pockets: The pockets are pretty self explanatory (think keys, phone, pacifier, beanie etc) but why the open front you ask? Breast-feeding means open front jackets or button down shirts are just an easier option. This fuzzy plaid is last season Zara (doesn't bother me!).

So you take the above and mix it up with different tee's or scarves & voila! Not so mumsy uniform down pat.

x Sharday

Photos: Randa Salloum



Wearing some of my favourite pieces from Sanctuary paired with Lack of Color hat, Madewell booties & 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder bag.

P.s. Come on down to Nordstrom Vancouver tomorrow from 1-5pm for the in-store event hosted by Jill from The August Diaries. You'll also get to sip, nibble and chat with Sanctuary's designer Deb Polanco, Randa & myself ;) x

life with lily

I'm not going to apologise for my lack of effort on this blog as I've been busy.. having a baby that is! My husband and I welcomed Lily to the world on August 18th - meaning she's 3 months old today. Of course, those months flew by in a blur so I want to recap and share some of my thoughts around labour & motherhood in general. I hope it will give some insight to those expecting or even future mamas-to-be.

  • You'll never be fully prepared. I now look at first-time pregnant women with a little smile of 'you have no idea what's coming'. I don't say this in a patronising or nasty way. It's just the truth. No books, videos, stories (including mine) will prepare you for what's to come. There's beauty in just going with the flow and enjoying every little moment of it (the good, bad and ugly).
  • My labour was the complete opposite of the horror stories you hear. And yes, I know that my situation was very rare! From water breaking to baby out - it was just under 4 hours. I've been told this doesn't happen very often for first borns. Pre-pregnancy, I remember thinking that I would want all the drugs in the world but as I started to get educated on the side effects, pro's, cons etc, I wasn't so keen. And also the fact that Lily was coming in such a hurry that there was no time for drugs! With that being said, if I had a 15+ hour labour, I could be telling you a completely different story. So bottom line here - child birth is possible without drugs. I have had girlfriend's ask me, 'was it painful?'. To be honest, I don't really remember the pain level. Yes I remember screaming so it must of hurt in the moment, but as weird as it sounds, once your baby comes out, you forget everything you just went through! Oh and don't even worry about the fear of dropping 'other' bodily fluids/solids during labour (a.k.a. poo) as 1. you're so in the moment dealing with the contractions that you probably won't even notice 2. nurses/midwives/doctors have seen a lot worse and usually will just wipe it away without you even knowing. ;)
  • That first night was rough. We pretty much checked out of the hospital in less than 20 hours as 1. there were only shared rooms available and 2. the food was disgusting. So arriving home on the high of what had just happened and then crashing from exhaustion was natural. Because babies can survive a day or so on nothing but their stored up nutrients from the belly, and my milk hadn't come in yet (sometimes it can take a week) it was really strange not to feed or be able to comfort Lily with the boob. All she could do was sleep, snuggle and cry. Finally the next day when my milk came, it felt like I could actually comfort and nurture her, so that was reassuring. I remember a moment on the first night being with my husband thinking.. what do we do now? Everything we were doing was upsetting Lily and she wouldn't sleep. That was our first major lesson in parenting. Getting to know what your baby wants. And boy does she not like to be fussed about! Those first few weeks are all about learning the cues and what each and every cry means. It takes time and patience.
  • Make 'Mama time' once or twice a week. This was a great piece of advice given to me. Make sure you have an hour or two on your own watch every week. Whether that be having a bath with a glass of wine in hand or taking up a short course (I'm learning Hebrew one night a week), it makes such a difference to your state of mind. To be truthful, looking after a baby can be a little monotonous.. sleep, change, feed, play and repeat. Having your own time helps break it up and recharge you. It's strange but after only a few hours of being away from Lily, I miss her like crazy and want to come back and be the best Mama I can be.
  • Mix it up and experiment a little. This is a golden one. Whatever decision you make regarding bringing up your baby - consider all the options. Of course, do your research - but if things aren't going as a book or the Intenet told you so, screw it.. try something different. Or if something works for your friends baby, doesn't mean it will work for yours. Figuring out your baby is all about experimenting until you get the right mix of doing what they like vs. not doing what they don't like. The tricky thing is, just because something worked for your baby one week, doesn't mean it will be the same the week after.. But that's the fun of it all.

Anyway I hope this was of some value to either mamas-to-be or even future mamas-to-be. All in all, I am loving being a Mum and it is honestly the best experience and decision I've made in my life. 

xx Sharday

staying fit while expecting

As you may have worked out my now, I am expected a baby in August. Now that I've hit the halfway point, I seem to be getting used to all the changes my body is going through including some little tweaks I've made to my lifestyle habits. And let me just put this out there now.. in no way am I a health expert but I've gained some pretty awesome advice from my naturopath, midwife and yoga teacher that I would now like to pass on to you.

1. Getting active at least once a day.
Whether it be a quick 15 minute walk after lunch or a Hatha yoga class - moving my bod at least once a day has helped me keep a clear mind. Also it makes bed time a breeze - no insomnia here when I'm exhausted from a big day at work + little element of exercise. 

Olympia Activewear top, H&M leggings

Olympia Activewear top, H&M leggings

2. Don't compare to the 'old' you.
This was something I first struggled with. What! I can't do an epic spin class marathon? No way! But seriously - it's time to give that up. New body = new changes. And that means giving up your old workout habits & slowing down the pace. In my case, it meant giving up my beloved spin at Ride Cycle Club but it's fine - I know it'll be waiting there for me when I'm getting back in shape post-babe.

Olympia Activewear top & leggings (c/o Pacifica Boutique)

Olympia Activewear top & leggings (c/o Pacifica Boutique)

3. Dress the part.
Now here's the fun part - a new workout wardrobe! As is the case with my entire wardrobe, some clothes work by adapting to your pregnant body and some just don't. Workout clothes have been mainly the latter. I was lucky enough to get super spoilt by my friends at Pacifica Boutique who hooked me up with some goodies from Olympia Activewear, First Base and Hackwith Designs. It's best to have a few form fitting items for yoga and then mix it up with some looser, breezy basics for walks etc.

Lululemon top, H&M shorts, Calvin Klein bralette

Lululemon top, H&M shorts, Calvin Klein bralette

4. Keep up the fluids & snacks.
Lastly.. I've read/heard quite a few times that it's important to keep up the fluids before, during and post exercise. This is something I'm still working on as sometimes I just forget to drink water.. then I end up parched as & guzzling a few cups of water. (Any tips for staying hydrated would be muchos appreciated). I also try to make sure I have a little snack before a class to keep the energy levels up.

That's all from me. Would love to hear if you have any other tips to share & if any of mine have been helpful.

x Sharday 

q&a by vitruvi

If you haven't heard of Vitruvi, you need to head on over to their site and check them out this instant. Their products, aesthetic and brand are completely on point. I'm pretty much smitten with their goods and was lucky enough to be interviewed by Sara Panton (co-founder) as you can read here:

When did you start blogging?

“Around 6 years ago. It’s always been a fun little side project of mine and I’m so lucky that it’s opened up doors such as meeting some amazing people, landing me a job in the fashion industry, as well as a few free goodies.”

Where do you get content / visual inspiration: Any favorite blogs / magazines / books / websites?

“Hmm that’s a hard one.. everywhere!? I always love checking in with what’s happening back in Australia via RUSSH magazine or some of my favourite bloggers Harper & Harley, Nadia Fairfax and Modern Legacy. Those Aussies know where it’s at.”

What are you must have essentials in your bag?

Wang wallet. Lucas papaw ointment. Keys. Kit and Ace business cards. Celine sunglasses. Phone.

I travel pretty light.

What is your morning routine?

“I like to take it easy in the morning and I’m definitely not one of those ‘get out the house in 15 minutes’ kinda girl. I usually take my time eating a proper breakfast and potter around the house before I walk to work (a handy 4 blocks away). Coffee is an essential part of the routine.”

How are botanicals part of your life?

“Lucas papaw ointment is one of my favourites from back home. I use it as a lip balm as well as for little burns, insect bites and something I’ll be dealing with in the near future – diaper rashes…

As for natural oils, I’ve been using Mother’s Special Blend for stretch marks. I like that it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals and instead they’ve kept it simple with: Almond oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter.”

Why do you think using natural products is important?

“Being pregnant has made me so much more aware of not only what I’m eating but what beauty, skin and hair products I’m using. Obviously I don’t want to pollute my body & the baby with any nasty chemicals so I try and steer clear of the big one such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, parabens, sulfates etc. With that being said, I’m in no way a purist and you won’t be catching me using baking soda as toothpaste. Small changes can make a big difference.”

What are you most excited about right now?

“Can you guess? Obviously having a baby is the most exciting thing right now for my husband and I. It’s pretty amazing seeing all the changes my body is going through from my belly expanding each week to the tiny little kicks I’m feeling… it’s unreal!”