garden party

Here is the last shots of when Gabby, Liz & I teamed up to create awesome-ness. At first I was unsure of this Alice McCall maxi. Don't get me wrong, it is such a stunning print - but I am one who NEVER wears maxi-length dresses. After Liz & Gabby convinced me to try it on I was sold 100%. A beautiful, etheral look is created when light passes through it and it looks PERFECT with Gabby's Ellery heels. Ahh.. I love the pay off when you go outside your 'style comfort zone' and it works for you. x Sharday

I'm wearing:  Alice McCall dress  /  Issey Miyake clutch  /  Michael Kors watch  /  Ellery heels

Gabby's wearing: Alice McCall dress  /  Maniamania ring  /  Michael Kors watch  /  Siren heels

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