crossing the line - part two

Following on from XTL part one, I thought I’d talk about trolling on Instagram. In my opinion Instagram is where trolling is most common.

Take a look through the images of Lara Bingle or Rihanna. As common as people are admiring their style and personality, they are leaving negative comments.

A prime example is any one of Lara Bingle’s more cheeky and risqué photo shoot ‘insta’s’. The amount of comments with girls declaring her ‘fugly’ or guys wanting to have their way with her is pretty appalling. The question is would these commenter’s ever say that to Bingle’s face if they walked past her in the street. Not in a blue moon.

So what gives people the right to think they can say as they please and abuse all they like? And how are ‘celebs’ supposed to react? I’ve seen a few celebrities publicly reply to trolling and to sum it up – it ends badly - the bullied turns into the bully. I’ve also noticed a few celebs just delete and I assume report inappropriate behaviour. Whatever works, works I guess.

A little question for you – how do you think women like Lara Bingle & Rihanna should react to haters? Just simply accept it as ‘hater’s gonna’ hate’ or do something more proactive? X Sharday

P.s. If you like this new style of opinion-based blog posts – let me know. I’m just trying something new but don't worry my outfit posts will still continue. ;)