staying fit while expecting

As you may have worked out my now, I am expected a baby in August. Now that I've hit the halfway point, I seem to be getting used to all the changes my body is going through including some little tweaks I've made to my lifestyle habits. And let me just put this out there now.. in no way am I a health expert but I've gained some pretty awesome advice from my naturopath, midwife and yoga teacher that I would now like to pass on to you.

1. Getting active at least once a day.
Whether it be a quick 15 minute walk after lunch or a Hatha yoga class - moving my bod at least once a day has helped me keep a clear mind. Also it makes bed time a breeze - no insomnia here when I'm exhausted from a big day at work + little element of exercise. 

Olympia Activewear top, H&M leggings

Olympia Activewear top, H&M leggings

2. Don't compare to the 'old' you.
This was something I first struggled with. What! I can't do an epic spin class marathon? No way! But seriously - it's time to give that up. New body = new changes. And that means giving up your old workout habits & slowing down the pace. In my case, it meant giving up my beloved spin at Ride Cycle Club but it's fine - I know it'll be waiting there for me when I'm getting back in shape post-babe.

Olympia Activewear top & leggings (c/o Pacifica Boutique)

Olympia Activewear top & leggings (c/o Pacifica Boutique)

3. Dress the part.
Now here's the fun part - a new workout wardrobe! As is the case with my entire wardrobe, some clothes work by adapting to your pregnant body and some just don't. Workout clothes have been mainly the latter. I was lucky enough to get super spoilt by my friends at Pacifica Boutique who hooked me up with some goodies from Olympia Activewear, First Base and Hackwith Designs. It's best to have a few form fitting items for yoga and then mix it up with some looser, breezy basics for walks etc.

Lululemon top, H&M shorts, Calvin Klein bralette

Lululemon top, H&M shorts, Calvin Klein bralette

4. Keep up the fluids & snacks.
Lastly.. I've read/heard quite a few times that it's important to keep up the fluids before, during and post exercise. This is something I'm still working on as sometimes I just forget to drink water.. then I end up parched as & guzzling a few cups of water. (Any tips for staying hydrated would be muchos appreciated). I also try to make sure I have a little snack before a class to keep the energy levels up.

That's all from me. Would love to hear if you have any other tips to share & if any of mine have been helpful.

x Sharday 

q&a by vitruvi

If you haven't heard of Vitruvi, you need to head on over to their site and check them out this instant. Their products, aesthetic and brand are completely on point. I'm pretty much smitten with their goods and was lucky enough to be interviewed by Sara Panton (co-founder) as you can read here:

When did you start blogging?

“Around 6 years ago. It’s always been a fun little side project of mine and I’m so lucky that it’s opened up doors such as meeting some amazing people, landing me a job in the fashion industry, as well as a few free goodies.”

Where do you get content / visual inspiration: Any favorite blogs / magazines / books / websites?

“Hmm that’s a hard one.. everywhere!? I always love checking in with what’s happening back in Australia via RUSSH magazine or some of my favourite bloggers Harper & Harley, Nadia Fairfax and Modern Legacy. Those Aussies know where it’s at.”

What are you must have essentials in your bag?

Wang wallet. Lucas papaw ointment. Keys. Kit and Ace business cards. Celine sunglasses. Phone.

I travel pretty light.

What is your morning routine?

“I like to take it easy in the morning and I’m definitely not one of those ‘get out the house in 15 minutes’ kinda girl. I usually take my time eating a proper breakfast and potter around the house before I walk to work (a handy 4 blocks away). Coffee is an essential part of the routine.”

How are botanicals part of your life?

“Lucas papaw ointment is one of my favourites from back home. I use it as a lip balm as well as for little burns, insect bites and something I’ll be dealing with in the near future – diaper rashes…

As for natural oils, I’ve been using Mother’s Special Blend for stretch marks. I like that it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals and instead they’ve kept it simple with: Almond oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter.”

Why do you think using natural products is important?

“Being pregnant has made me so much more aware of not only what I’m eating but what beauty, skin and hair products I’m using. Obviously I don’t want to pollute my body & the baby with any nasty chemicals so I try and steer clear of the big one such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, parabens, sulfates etc. With that being said, I’m in no way a purist and you won’t be catching me using baking soda as toothpaste. Small changes can make a big difference.”

What are you most excited about right now?

“Can you guess? Obviously having a baby is the most exciting thing right now for my husband and I. It’s pretty amazing seeing all the changes my body is going through from my belly expanding each week to the tiny little kicks I’m feeling… it’s unreal!”

shady lady

You could say I've been a bit of a shady lady lately. A shady married lady that is! Yes I got married! We just returned from a few blissful weeks in Australia & it was just perfect. I'm not going to lie, I miss the warm weather so you could say these shades definitely came in handy.. to suit my shady lady persona that is ;) x Sharday

Ray Ban Wayfarers from Vision Direct (c/o)  /  Zara coat /  Stylenanda tee  /  J Brand jeans & denim jacket  /  Wilfred scarf  /  Nike Air Max Theas  /  Proenza Schouler PS11 Tiny

edwards & co


After stalking Edwards & Co for a solid year or two on Instagram, I was so glad that I could finally get a chance to visit their Melbourne salon and get my blonde locks wedding ready! I mean hello, who wouldn't want to get their hair done in the salon that does Lara Bingle & all my fav Melbourne bloggers hair? So I stepped off the plane after the 23+ hour journey from Canada, gave the fam a quick kiss & hug, and it was off to the salon. From here I spent the next few hours getting my blonde refreshed & locks trimmed!

Can I just say Edwards & Co get blondes & know how to perfect balayage like no other. And the level of attention to their clientele is next to none. Special thanks to Jaye for having me at your salon.. now can you please open up one in North America? x Sharday

saturday morning errands


It's seems like Winter is well and truly here (it was 2 degrees yesterday), so it was time to pile on the parka & scarf combo. Black on black on black with a hint of grey always seems to do the trick! x Sharday

No name parka (similar)  /  Aritzia scarf (similar)  /  Bardot hat (similar)  /  Proenza Schouler PS11 Tiny  /  J Brand Maria Graphite jeans

shop with the buyer #4

I realised last week that I own way too many coats. Current count is 3 x heavy duty parkas, 2 x furry coats, 1 x trench coat and 2 x pea/biker coats. Considering I don't live in Siberia, I really don't need so many hence I decided to stop by my favourite consignment store Mine & Yours, to offload a few. It was there that I came across this insane D.Efect Mohair coat (short version here) that I actually saw full price in NY a few weeks back. The coat was practically free after I traded in a few of my pre-loved clothes. Now that's how you #shopwiththebuyer ;) x Sharday

get your kini on

kini australia shardette bikini polka dot

Warmer months ahead or vacay getaway planned? Let me let you in on a little secret.. Kini!
I only found out about this amazing Australian brand a few months ago, but was super keen to try out their swimmers. You get to design the bikini yourself, from fabric to prints as well as trims and fit. I chose this cutesy polka-dot bikini print with soft cream contrast. Sadly the Summer months are over here but I know fo' show that I'll be wearing mine next year ;) x Sharday

Underwire bikini c/o Kini Swimwear


Sharday_HR-18 copy.jpg

Part deux of my collab with Randa & Leonie, lensed by Alexander Ting.

As you can see our styles are completely intermixable. A love of black with a pop of white, leather or silver. 

I'm wearing James Kohn's Billy tee - a local Vancouver brand that's your new go-to source for down-town cool tees.

Paired with WISH leather shorts  /  Alexander Wang handbag  /  Celine sunglasse & heels



Fiiiinally I get to share with you an amazing project I worked on with my gals Randa & Leonie. Featuring dresses by Melissa Araujo and lensed by the talented Alexander Ting, both local artists that you NEED to check out.

We wanted to show you 3 different ways to wear a simple dress:

1. White - the easy breezy Summer version paired with Birks & a backpack

2. Grey - downtown cool with a leather jacket and strappy heels

3. Black - evening date ready with cute loafers & an evening clutch

Now which one are you?

x Sharday