shop with the buyer #3

I'm heading to NY this Friday night for a work trip. 'Excited' does not even cut it. But first.. it's packing time. This week's Shop with the Buyer has a segue into Pack with the Buyer. I used to hate packing but now I've pretty much nailed the process. Here are the 5 shoes you need to pack on any fashion conscious trip greater than 3 days.

1. The Ankle boot - perfect shoe from day to evening. I'll wear this one out to dinner in Tribeca.

2. The Birkenstock - let's keep things comfy with my fav shoe of Summer. These will retire to the back of the closet soon, so I might as well wear these through Central Park while I can.

3. The Loafer - again a perfect shoe that will take you from meetings to drinks instantly. Dinner/drinks in China Town anyone?

4. The Fancy Pump - for when you need to impress. Let's go Soho.

5. The Slip On Sneaker - for the plane right back home :(

transitioning to fall

shardette hm hat alexander wang citizens aldo aritzia6
shardette hm hat alexander wang citizens aldo aritzia2
shardette alexander wang aritzia h&m aldo1
shardette alexander wang aritzia h&m aldo5
shardette alexander wang aritzia h&m aldo2
shardette alexander wang aritzia h&m aldo3
shardette alexander wang aritzia h&m aldo4

Fall is almost here in North America meaning it's time to don those extra layers as the temperature drops. I can't wait to wear my collection of coats & plethora of knitwear options but baby steps first until the weather officially chills. My transition pieces are this super Saint Laurent-esque hat I've been wearing constantly & this reversible knit tee that I picked up in Seattle from T by Alexander Wang. I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of these pieces on me ;) x Sharday

T by Alexander Wang top  /  Wilfred Free jacket  /  Citizens of Humanity jeans  /  Aldo jeans  /  Alexander Wang /  H&M hat

shop with the buyer #2

Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini

For the last few weeks I've been dreaming of purchasing a Celine Trio cross body bag. I have this vision of buying it in NY (leaving in 12 days) & walking through Central Park with my baby blue Trio in hand. This past weekend my Mum & I drove down to Seattle and I got to give the little guy a test run at Nordstroms. Sadly I don't think I can do the gold hardware. 1. I've transitioned all my jewellery to silver since I got engaged. 2. Silver is the best, no explanation needed. Sooooo.. long story short - it's time to look for another NY bag purchase option. Maybe the mini PS11? Uber cute & the perfect cross body pal. Ooo things just got dangerous. x Sharday

streetscout x shardette

shardette streetscout me birkenstock zara celine jbrand vancouver6
shardette streetscout me birkenstock zara celine jbrand vancouver5
shardette streetscout me birkenstock zara celine jbrand vancouver4
shardette streetscout me birkenstock zara celine jbrand vancouver3
shardette streetscout me birkenstock zara celine jbrand vancouver1
shardette streetscout me birkenstock zara celine jbrand vancouver2

It's pretty amazing that you can live in a city for over a year and still find new hidden gems, visit new places and meet new people. The above collaboration sums up just that. It was so great to meet Sabrina and Jeremy from, not only are they the cutest blogger couple but they are also the easier & quickest photographers I've worked with. Snap snap snap done! These photos were taken behind my work building (again a new blog shoot location) overlooking the Vancouver industrial port. I love how the background peeps through the chain fence. Here's to new and fresh experiences ;)

Zara dress  /  J.Brand jacket  /  Birkenstocks  /  Celine shades


nail colour diary #7


shardette nail colour diary 7 peach nail colour inspo
peach nail colour inspo1

This week's shade: PEACH. As Summer is rolling to an end, I thought it wise to do one last tribute to those peachy pink sunsets. This is a colour I haven't really tried before as I always go down the baby pink trail. So it was time for something new.. but not too foreign.


shardette nail colour diary peach pink

At first I was a little unsure about this colour. Was it too Grandma-y? Which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering my Grandma had the most amazing nails even in her eighties. But after a numerous compliments at work, I began to change my mind. Best new nail colour that will definitely go into my nail colour routine! x Sharday

shop with the buyer #1

shardette shop with the buyer daniel wellington sheffield watch.jpg

New segment yo! Shop with me.. your trusty Buyer and online shopping addict.

This week: The Daniel Wellington Sheffield watch. I think it's high time I bought a new watch (see what I did there). I've been looking for a more masculine/simple/modern watch for a while now and this is it! Which bit is harder? Deciding what colour to buy or keeping the purchase from my man ;) x Sharday

kit & ace pt. 1

shardette celine zara skirt kit and ace talia tank alexander wang prisma lunchbag8
shardette celine zara skirt kit and ace talia tank alexander wang prisma lunchbag7
shardette celine zara skirt kit and ace talia tank alexander wang prisma lunchbag6
shardette celine zara skirt kit and ace talia tank alexander wang prisma lunchbag5
shardette celine zara skirt kit and ace talia tank alexander wang prisma lunchbag4
shardette celine zara skirt kit and ace talia tank alexander wang prisma lunchbag3
shardette celine zara skirt kit and ace talia tank alexander wang prisma lunchbag2
shardette celine zara skirt kit and ace talia tank alexander wang prisma lunchbag1

Kit & Ace Talia Tank (similar) /  Zara skirt (similar)  /  Celine pumps & shades  /  Alexander Wang bag

How exciting that I get to share with you my first piece from Kit & Ace. I feel like Kit & Ace is as much my baby, as it is the people around me who have worked so hard to get it on it's feet. It's pretty crazy to think that the brand launched less than a year ago yet we are taking the world by storm.. one cashmere blend tee at a time. So what's our shtick? Saving our customers time. Mixing luxury elements with a functional basis. Technical Cashmere Baby.. woot! As you may read, I'm a tad proud and can't wait to see what we will accomplish over the next few years.

What's my part in it all? I'm a Product Manager for Mens & Accessories. This basically makes me half Buyer / half Merchant developing the line from inception to execution. Yeah it's a pretty sweet gig.. oh yeah and did I mention I love my job? x Sharday

the deighton cup


To be honest, at first I had some hesitations about my first year attending the Deighton Cup. I mean, how could it compete with my hometown's Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival? I've been to quite a few race meets in Melbourne and enjoyed every moment along the way from planning my outfit/hat combo to the drunken walk home sans heels :O. My hesitation and the fact that I was super busy at work made my outfit planning bottom of priority list. It literally all came together at 5pm the day before the Cup. 

The Deighton Cup went above and beyond my expectations. It was so refreshing to see a different side of Vancouver and it's inhabitants that are usually known for being the worst dressed in North America.. lies! The people watching from the Sky Box while sipping fresh Bourbon cocktails was one of the best moments. And as you've probably seen from this vid.. things got a little rowdy towards the end of the afternoon. Thanks Deighton.. I'll be back next year for sure! x Sharday

Front Row Shop bustier  /  Zara skirt (similar) /  H&M hat (similar)  /  LIFEwithBIRD clutch (similar)  /  Seed Femme heels (similar)

Photos by Will Smith

busy bee


Wow things have been busy lately. New job, new home, wedding planning & absorbing Summer. Ain't nobody got time to sit indoors and blog! Just a little note to say I'm still here.. just busy enjoying life BUT DO NOT FEAR, I'll be back soon ;) x Sharday

P.s. If you're based in Vancouver, come on down to our Kit + Ace pop-up store at 151 Water St. Cashmere baby! 

sale sale sale

It's that time of year.. SALE SEASON! Unfortunately I can't participate this year due to saving up for a wedding and the fact that my partner would seriously disapprove of any non-wedding purchases (white jeans are wedding appropriate non?). But that doesn't mean you can't participate! If I was shopping, I'd be buying all of the above items.. which come under $100. Go on get shopping, take one for the team ;) x Sharday

my new summer sandals


If you reminisce to a few weeks back, you might recall me going crazy for Avarcas sandals. Well my sandals arrived in the post so it was high time I took them out for a spin. I'm loving the baby blue colour as a lighter option for Spring/Summer, and the leather on these babies is soooo soft. Highly recomended ladies!! x Sharday

Zara dress (similar)  /  J.Crew shirt (similar)  /  Riudavet Avarcas sandals in 'Light Blue'  /  Celine sunglasses (similar)



Last week I had the pleasure of attending the London Drugs #ldbeauty event. It was hands down one of the most amazing events I have ever been to. Firstly.. we rocked up in helicopters (BALLER) to a giant hangar at the airport filled with London Drug's best beauty vendors. We then got to sip cosmo's while talking shop and sampling some amazing new products. No joke, by the end of the night we all had giant green bags brimming with beauty goods. It was like Christmas morning.. on crack! I had my makeup done by the talented David from Lise Watier and also got a portrait done with my gal pal Leonie at the ROC stand. Oh what a night.. thanks #LD xx Sharday

P.S. Last flat-lay pic by Randa